What benefits am I entitled to?

The correct identification of benefits can be a complex issue, but many people will find they can get an answer to this at www.turn2us.org.uk.

If your situation is complex, for example due to anyone in your household being disabled, we would recommend a full benefits check with one of our advisers.

How can I apply for social housing?

All applications for social housing are processed and administered by Surrey Heath Borough Council. You can speak to their Housing Options Team by calling 01276 707127. There is a very high demand for social housing in this area.

I am struggling to pay my credit card bills – where can I find help?

There are many organisations who offer free advice on debt, and you should ask whoever you approach to confirm that they offer a free service so that any payments you make go towards reducing your debts. Citizens Advice offers a full range of debt solutions, and like all professional debt advisers we will always seek the most appropriate solution for your specific circumstances.

Other companies offering a free service include:

I don’t think I am being allowed the correct number of days holiday by my boss – what can I do?

Check on www.adviceguide.org.uk where you will find the legal holiday entitlement. You will need to check your contract of employment too. If you have a union, your union representative may help resolve the issue